Top 16 most romantic hotels in Paris

When we talk about Paris, we usually think of it as of a city of love and romance. Thousands of couples flock the streets, drowning it its unique atmosphere. There’s probably no other city in the world to attract so many lovers at the same time. It’s not all a “great capital of France”, but the international city of love.

The main question for these couples is “where to stay?” because romantic atmosphere is quite easily ruined by minor negative experience. Can a couple think about love if they have to return to a room full of bedbugs, a hotel with bad service or poor cuisine? Certainly not! Now we’ve come to the purpose of this article – informing you about the places to stay in Paris while you’re on a romantic trip with your beloved one.

No. 1 – Hotel Saint James Paris

This is truly luxurious place, where every couple is treated like the new royal family. That’s quite easy to believe in, because the hotel is located in a castle and is full of antique furnishings. Saint James Paris is situated near the Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero and Champs Elysees. Returning into a king’s bedroom after a long day in the most romantic city of the world is unforgettable, enough said.

No. 2 – Hotel Bourg Tibourg

Those who don’t feel comfortable in a castle will surely like a bourgeois manor. Silk wallpapers, velvet curtains, scented candles in bathrooms – this is what Bourg Tibourg is all about. This is another kind of luxury – the romantically shameless and arousing. Loving couples find this hotel as not just a place to spend the night, but a true part of Paris, as clear in memory as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

No. 3 – L’Hôtel

The last home of Oscar Wilde, this baroque-style hotel is a marvel that you’d never forget. Featuring the most important landmarks of Paris around, it’s not just convenient – it’s perfect. Being close to Republic Square, it lets you forget about time, because you can return to your cozy room within half an hour from any place on the Old Town.

No. 4 – Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

Exclusive to the maximum, this hotel is actually a baroque manor with only five rooms. It’s great luck to be able to stay there, because this place is also situated at the very heart of Montmartre. The spirit of free love will engulf you here and no one can resist that!

No. 5 – Mama Shelter Paris

Young energetic couples just love original and modern places. Staying in a place just 15 minutes’ walk from the Eiffel Tower, you will feel the atmosphere of French romance at full extent. The rooms are all contemporary and the cuisine is to brag about.

No. 6 – Hôtel Thoumieux

An original place to stay – that’s for sure. This is a boutique-hotel, appreciated by people with the real free spirit. It has unique décor and the couples that stay there usually have their favorite room after having seen all of them.

No. 7 – Le Meurice

5 stars, a palace in French classicism style – a manifestation of sophisticated luxury. If you want to feel yourself important while on a romantic trip, this wonderful hotel is your sure choice. Who cares about all the landmarks around when your room looks like the president’s suite?

No. 8 – Terass Hôtel

The best view in the whole Paris. A terrace overlooking the beautiful city is what this hotel is proud of. Many families began their history here, when a beautiful woman was proposed by her companion at that very place. Such a proposition is totally irresistible.

No. 9 – Hôtel Hi Matic

As modern as can be, this hotel features 24/7 automatic check-in and only the best organic food available in France. For those couples, who like to go where their love calls them, Hôtel Hi Matic is a perfect place, because it reflects your free spirit.

No. 10 – Le Marceau Bastille

Again, a matter of romantic luxury, this hotel offers you the most delicate room service in France. Enough said – Le Marceau Bastille has its own limousine service so the loving couples can see the whole city without having to walk or stop drinking champagne.

No. 11 – Hôtel Edgar

A true place for an energetic couple, the hotel has its own rent-a-bike service. If you like being on the move and not depending on anything or anyone – Hôtel Edgar is definitely your choice. No need to follow any rules – just go wherever your beloved one wants.

No. 12 – Hotel Du Petit Moulin

Romance and glamor together, Christian Lacroix style décor – a boutique-hotel to remember forever. If you’re into kitsch and rooms totally out of this world, choose Hotel Du Petit Moulin and fall in love again, with the same person, every day here.

No. 13 – Hôtel Chopin

Situated next to the Opera House, this quiet place is perfect for sophisticated couples who enjoy classic in everything. It’s a comfortable hotel with friendly staff and a perfect location. Ask your beloved one if she enjoys Chopin – if she says yes, Hôtel Chopin is your choice.

No. 14 – Hotel Esmeralda

17th century style interior is something to enjoy when you’re on a romantic trip. Remember tales of princes and princesses, musketeers and their damsels! Try Hotel Esmeralda for the unique atmosphere of a historical love story.

No. 15 – Good Morning Paris

This is quite a modern place that’s somehow extremely friendly. Loving couples return there again and again just to get the same feeling. Those, who have been there, say that it’s the only place where you can really understand Paris.

No. 16 – Hôtel de Nesle

If you’re into quiet and calm rest with your beloved one – this one is your choice. The hotel is a true manifestation of “do not disturb” sign, so you’ll be completely lost in each other’s’ arms and a feeling that you’re the only two people in the whole Paris…

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